Explore our colourful outdoor gerberas

The happiest plants on earth are outdoor gerbera plants. Their shapes make them both cheerful and unique. We have a passion for gerbera plants and are committed to develop the most beautiful and strongest varieties. View our Sunshapers assortment here or download our brochure.

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About Sunshapers

Over the past 7 years, we have had the opportunity to develop outdoor gerberas at Schreurs. Now in 2023, we have two beautiful series, the Endless and the Tropical. The Endless series is renowned for its continuous blooming, while the Tropical series features double flowers.

To produce excellent outdoor gerberas, we rely on excellent teamwork. Each member of the team brings his or her own set of skills and perspectives to our production process. It is only together, working as a team, that we can create the excellent gerberas that our growers have come to expect from Schreurs.